The Prom


A favourite pastime for Galweigans and visitors alike is walking along the Salthill Prom, the seaside promenade running from the edge of the city along Salthill overlooking Galway Bay with bars, restaurants and hotels.
Local tradition dictates ‘kicking the wall’ across from the diving boards a 30-45 minute stroll from town before turning around. Kicking the wall is a tradition from the 1930’s signalling that you have completed the walk.

Ladies beach, just opposite the Galway Bay Hotel is sandy and has shallow water for the younger kids to paddle in. There are spectacular views across Galway Bay.
Further down the beach at Blackrock there is pier with several diving platforms at different levels. The top level is not for the faint of heart but even if you don’t want to give it a try you can have hours of fun watching fearless kids taking the plunge.